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Perfect Welding
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Welducation Learning to weld made easy

Welding education with Fronius

Not only is Fronius a supplier of high-quality welding systems and welding solutions, but it also supports its customers in training the next generation of welders. The solutions here range from welding simulators that support practical training through to scripts, videos, and posters that help to convey theoretical training material. Apps such as Welducation Basic provide a fun approach to the subject of welding.

Welding Simulators

Become a welding expert with virtual training

Many professions use virtual training to prepare for the real world.
That’s how pilots train, practicing countless take-offs and landings in a simulator before they fly a real plane. The bigger, more expensive, and/or more dangerous the equipment, the more sense it makes to carry out training in the virtual world. The same applies to welding technology.
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Safe and risk-free

The safety risk due to the hot arc, UV radiation, and welding fume is significantly higher for beginners during welding than in other professions. Virtual training completely eliminates this risk.

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Cost-saving and sustainable

The Fronius Welducation Simulator enables resource-conserving training by saving expensive consumables such as materials for workpieces, wire, and shielding gas. In addition to protecting the environment, this also cuts costs.
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Welducation Simulator

Alongside the associated Welducation Campus platform, the Welducation Simulator offers trainees and trainers a complete teaching concept consisting of theoretical content and virtual training units with the simulator.

Find out more about the Welducation Simulator

Training materials

Helpful materials for trainers and trainees

The welding profession not only involves practical skill and manual dexterity, but also extensive theoretical knowledge of welding processes, metals, and much more.
Fronius provides numerous training materials that can help impart this knowledge:

  • Scripts
  • Videos
  • Posters
Find out more about training materials

Let´s get connected!

Mobile apps for welders

Digitization and networking are also playing an increasingly important role in welding technology. Fronius has therefore posed the question of how digital apps can make the welder’s day-to-day work easier. Whether you are a professional welder or still in training, apps from Fronius not only provide support with welding parameters, but also in welder training.

Virtual welding app

Welducation Basic:
welding knowledge

  • The free app for smartphone and tablet conveys interesting facts about welding.
  • The quiz is a way to learn the theoretical principles, and the welding game provides virtual training in practical skills.
  • The results of the welding knowledge gained using the interactive app can be compared with other app users in an international ranking list and then expanded.
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Welding app

determine and share a welding solution with ease

  • WeldConnect allows every welder to quickly and easily find suitable parameters for their manual welding task.
  • Step by step, the app asks for the precise details of the application at hand – such as welding process, parent material, weld seam profile, and shielding gas. The user can either enter this data manually or scan the QR codes on the respective materials.
  • Using this information, the wizard calculates the ideal welding parameters for both TIG and MIG/MAG applications.
More about WeldConnect

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