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Perfect Welding
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We already know what you’re thinking: “Why should I subscribe to another newsletter?” With Fronius Weld Informed, you will be receiving the latest content to keep you one step ahead of the rest. Benefit from exclusive topics such as product and service news, industry trends, cool welding tips, and much more. Each edition will focus on a different topical issue. Are you ready for more? Perfect! Then let us take you into the world of Fronius Perfect Welding.


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Personal protective equipment

Welding is practically indispensable in the industrial and craft sectors as we know them today. The aim is always to find ideal solutions for a wide range of materials, and it’s precisely this interplay that makes welding such an exciting yet challenging task. Because these possibilities are also accompanied by health hazards, it is our aim to provide every welder with appropriate, long-term protection against these risks. Read the entire Newsletter

WeldCube Navigator

Errors happen; that’s just part of being human. But faulty welded joints in the manufacturing process can result in massive costs and have a negative impact on overall productivity and quality. This is where weld sequencing comes in, as an effective quality assurance solution. Read the entire Newsletter

Fronius Ignis

Welds of supreme quality require one thing above all else: a reliable arc. If you want to produce the perfect weld even in challenging conditions—whether indoors or outdoors or in the tightest of spaces—then you need a quality welding machine. A machine that is both robust and easy to use, such as the new Fronius Ignis—the hot topic of this issue of Weld Informed.  Read the entire Newsletter

Fronius Artis

TIG welding is a true art and is considered to be the supreme discipline of joining processes. To master this process, the welding specialist needs to develop a high degree of precision and skill. It comes as no surprise then that the Fronius Artis—the hot topic in this issue of Weld Informed—touches on art too.  Read the entire Newsletter

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