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75 year anniversary

75 years of success A family business with tradition

Success story: 75 years of innovation

From its roots as a simple one-man operation back in 1945, Fronius has grown to become an integral part of the industrial landscape. Over the past three quarters of a century, we have developed as a family business from a regional specialist repair shop into a player on the global stage. Our story starts with the company’s founder, Günter Fronius, who made a living as a repair and maintenance man. Then came the idea that changed everything: the trained electrical engineer built a device for recharging car batteries, allowing them to be used for longer. And with that, Fronius was born.

Günter Fronius

Günter Fronius

“You need education, ability, knowledge, and desire; then you can achieve something in life.”
Klaus Fronius and Brigitte Strauß

Brigitte Strauß & Klaus Fronius

“If we look at how the company has evolved under the care of the latest generation over the last few years, there is only one thing we can say: We are proud!”
Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß

Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß

“What we are and what we stand for is based on my grandfather’s belief in sustainability. We remain committed to this sense of responsibility today.”

Interview: The families Fronius & Strauß

Seventy-five years of Fronius are inextricably linked to 75 years of family history – a story which has already entered its third generation. With every change at the top of the company, it is important to overcome new challenges.

Each generation follows its own path. In these video interviews, the owner families Strauß and Fronius provide exclusive insights behind the scenes of our success.

3 generations: Fronius in an era of change

Notice of establishment


“I have opened a specialist repair shop for radios and electrical equipment at the ’Rankleiten’ hotel. All repairs are carried out by me personally at any time, both in my workshop or at your premises. I ask my valued customers to turn to me with complete confidence.”

Günter Fronius during his first years

The beginnings

On June 20, 1945, Günter Fronius signed the above notice, thus opening the first chapter in a story of success that has continued to this day, now under the stewardship of the third generation of Günter’s family.

It all began in the Austrian market town of Pettenbach, where our headquarters are still located today. Günter Fronius lives and works here after taking over an old military barracks as payment for some repair work.

At the time, charging car batteries was not a matter of course – a fact that he does not want to accept. The trained electrical engineer therefore develops simple battery chargers using the resources at his disposal. Building on this same technology, he expanded his product range in 1950 to include welding transformers.

Over the following decades, Fronius grows steadily into a respected medium-sized company.

Klaus Fronius and Brigitte Strauß

Years of growth

In 1980, Günter Fronius handed control of the company to his children, Brigitte Strauß and Klaus Fronius. The siblings pursue a strategy of growth and internationalization, with numerous subsidiaries being established around the world.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the two CEOs start to place an additional emphasis on the pioneering topic of solar energy. Written off by some at the time as nothing more than dreamland, this sector has since established itself as an important branch of the business.

Today we stand on three solid pillars: Solar Energy, Perfect Welding, and Perfect Charging

Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß

Shaping the future

In 2012, the baton was passed to the next generation: Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß. As the granddaughter of the company’s founder, she has continued to set a course for growth and remains true to our commitment to innovation, quality, and service.

This means that we are constantly researching into cutting-edge technologies from which new business ideas can be derived. Our mission, which unites more than 8,000 professionals in more than 30 countries around the world, is clear: to research and control electricity as the fuel of the future.


Put simply, Fronius uses its products to convert solar energy into alternating current, supply battery-powered intralogistics vehicles with new energy, and use electricity from the outlet for revolutionary welding processes.

While the basic concept has remained the same, countless opportunities for change have presented themselves over the years. We are no longer ’just’ a manufacturer, but have instead long been recognized as a high-tech enterprise. All our products are based on highly complex software solutions, data management systems, and apps for user-friendly solutions. We hold a total of 1,604 patents.

Our milestones

Fronius site Pettenbach

Employee magazine: Special edition for the 75-year anniversary

With a special edition of our employee magazine POWER, we are taking a journey into the past. We go back to our roots in the Austrian market town of Pettenbach and visit our first subsidiary in Ukraine.

We shed light on the changes in our corporate culture and explain the secrets of our technological advances.And we shine the spotlight on those who contribute so significantly to our success: our employees.

Browse or download the magazine now! We hope you enjoy this special edition.

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Anniversary issue Fronius Power magazine